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Archive de la liste aide - [Aide] [HS] La NSA a un code légitime s’exécutant dans le noyau Linux et Android

un titre non fallacieux aurait été:

"La NSA a un code légitime s’exécutant dans le noyau Linux et Android
pour les versions incluant les modules SELinux"

Ce qui change tout, car le titre original est la moitié de la vérité,
donc un mensonge par omission.

mais bon, ce n'est pas grave.

La bonne question est:
Qui s'assure qu'il n'y a pas de code à destination d'espionnage dans
les modules SELinux?
Et même dans tout Linux et toutes les applications que nous utilsons?

Je ne suis pas loin de penser en partie comme lui:

It's over: All private data is public

Enough about the NSA -- any hacker worthy of the name can snatch your
'private' data. Either stop entrusting it to anyone or chill out

1. My first corollary states: "Whatever is the most popular software
in a particular category is also the most successfully exploited
software." It's been retroactively true since 1986, though I came up
with it somewhat later.

2. my second corollary.

To wit, in a world where every single entity is thoroughly hacked, it
is naive to try and determine how ethical or legal it is for a
particular custodial entity to hold a particular database by
considering only individual circumstances or scenarios. It's wrong to
ask if Google, Facebook, our government, your hospital, or your bank
should be allowed to collect and store personal information about you.
That's the old way of thinking.

Instead, we must ask ourselves if the database in question should be
collected or created if we knew that information could be seen by the
world -- because it will be or already has been.



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