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Archive de la liste aide - [Aide] Quels docs pour avoir les idées claires sur les tris?
Dans la doc de l'Open group, on lit notamment


"A range expression represents the set of collating elements that fall
between two elements in the current collation sequence, inclusively.
It is expressed as the starting point and the ending point separated
by a hyphen (-).

Range expressions must __not__ be used in __portable__ applications
because their behaviour is __dependent__ on the __collating__
sequence. Ranges will be treated according to the current collating
sequence, and include such characters that fall within the range based
on that collating sequence, regardless of character values. This,
however, means that the interpretation will differ depending on
collating sequence. If, for instance, one collating sequence defines ä
as a variant of a, while another defines it as a letter following z,
then the expression [ä-z] is valid in the first language and invalid
in the second."

Bon, c'est miné, les intervalles.


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