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This is an overview of the interwiki table, which defines the prefix shortcuts used to quickly link to different wikis and other external sites. For recommended use, please see the manual on MediaWiki.org.

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Prefix Interwiki prefix to be used in [[prefix:pagename]] wikitext syntax.
URL Template for URLs. The placeholder $1 will be replaced by the pagename in [[prefix:pagename]].
Forward yes External HTTP requests to the local wiki using this interwiki prefix will be redirected to the target URL of the interwiki (i.e. treated like links to local pages).
no External HTTP requests to the local wiki using this interwiki prefix in the URL will result in a "Bad title" error page.
Transclude yes If wikitext syntax {{prefix:pagename}} is used, allow template/page transclusion from the foreign wiki if interwiki transclusions are enabled in general (scary transclusion).
no Do not allow {{prefix:pagename}} to transclude foreign templates/pages, rather look for a local page in the template namespace.

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