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Le Tue, 30 Sep 2014 02:18:21 +0200,
daniel meyer <danylouis at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Don't worry . It's not everything what Stallman says , I take for
> granted !

yes and not everything what : Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,  Larry Page,
Larry Ellison, even Mark Shuttleworth, and of course the Guardian (and a lot of others), I take for granted !

The only problem in fact is that this man coded hundred thousands code lines, and during 25 years billions of instances of bash and the others GNU programs have been used, without anybody could discover this flaw. 

And they where used for business of giant size as Google, Yahoo and so on. Those business gathered in billions dollars resting on the free work of Stallmann and all the contributors of the freesoftware, it is purely immoral, simply, after that to attack him.

It's not the problem of Stallman attitude, if it's communist, mystic, exentric (he his) or I don't know what. It's more important than one man reputation, 
It is a freedom question that exceeds by far computing. But it is inequitable and unfair to offend so, on a simple peripheral bug ,a man who is a benefactor of humanity like it or not. 

And what about hundreds of bugs which affected Windows and never were corrected. B. Gates would certainly deserve in this perspective the tar and the feathers.

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