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Archive de la liste aide - [Aide] [DEBAT] Quelle évolution pour Linux sur le marché et chez vous: sysvinit / upstart / systemd
Whao, excellente page Ille, merci d'apporter cela au débat.

Je suis très inquiet. Tout ce que je sais en tant qu'adminsitrateur et
programmeur fait biper mon alarme.

Exemple les plus marquant dans la page indiquée  par Ille: (
http://boycottsystemd.org/ )

6. systemd's size makes it a single point of failure. As of this
writing, systemd has had 9 CVE reports, since its inception in March
20106. So far, this may not seem like that much, but its essential and
overbearing nature will make it a juicy target for crackers, as it is
far smaller in breadth than the Linux kernel itself, yet seemingly
just as critical.

8. systemd clusters itself into PID 1. Due to it controlling lots of
different components, this means that there are tons of scenarios in
which it can crash and bring down the whole system. But in addition,
this means that plenty of non-kernel system upgrades will now require
a reboot. Enjoy your new Windows 9 Linux system! In fairness, systemd
does provide a mechanism to reserialize and reexecute systemctl in
real time. If this fails, of course, the system goes down. There are
several ways that this can occur9. This happens to be another example
of SPOF.

(peut-être caricatural de surnommer Linux-systemd "Windows 9", mais
cela y ressemble

C'est vrai que systemd va l'encontre de la philo Unix (faire une chose
mais bien) et du KISS principle.

1. systemd flies in the face of the Unix philosophy: "do one thing and
do it well," representing a complex collection of dozens of tightly
coupled binaries1. Its responsibilities grossly exceed that of an init
system, as it goes on to handle power management, device management,
mount points, cron, disk encryption, socket API/inetd, syslog, network
configuration, login/session management, readahead, GPT partition
discovery, container registration, hostname/locale/time management,
and other things. Keep it simple, stupid.

Ca nous fera un beau SPOF

@Remi Collet, cela ne te préoccupe-t-il pas?

Moi, j'aurais bien voulu avoir l'avis de nos chers Admins Vénérables,
( par exemple Emmanuel Fleury, Emmanuel Seyman ) et de leurs consoeurs
et confrères, de notre admin Lea, Benjamin GIGON, de tous les admins
pro Linux.

Je suis très, très inquiet. Ca ne sent pas bon du tout.

Comme le dit la page, sysvinit est à remplacer, mais sûrement pas par systemd.

"Disclaimer: We are not sysvinit purists by any means. We do recognize
the need for a new init system in the 21st century, but systemd is not

Je me suis demandé ce que Linus Torvalds en pensait, pour le moment je
n'ai trouvé que le récent (avril 2014) clash entre Linus et un
développeur de systemd, Kay Sievers


Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: [RFC PATCH] cmdline: Hide "debug" from /proc/cmdline


Donc, un boycott de systemd a été lancé. Voyez que cela n'est pas une
affaire minime dans le monde Linux.



Boycott distros that use systemd.

Spread word of this web page.

Contribute to and use distros like Slackware, CRUX, Funtoo, and Gentoo
that follow traditional Unix paradigms.

systemd alternatives include runit, OpenRC, s6, monit, perp,
supervisord, Upstart and GNU dmd. Note that not all of these are meant
as replacements for initd, specifically, even if they can
theoretically be hacked in to be. Some are specifically designed for
the task of process supervision and monitoring.

Consider migrating to *BSD, Plan 9 or something similar, if things get
really out of hand.

Make an xBill mod that replaces Bill Gates' sprite with that of our
great overlord Lennart Poettering. Maybe.

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